“An invitation to be part of the legacy of our parish and help provide facilities for the current youth of Kinvara and those of future generations”

Kinvara GAA - Proposed Donation Wall - REV.A 7

Commemoration Wall

Our Commemoration Wall is open to all Kinvara community and further afield, who wish to share in our development, and be part of something truly special and unique to Kinvara.
The Wall operates in the shape of a Donation process, where donors purchase a “commemoration” at €250. There will be 400 of these commemorations available which we hope will raise us our target fund of €100,000.
Note: our commemoration cost of €250 is set so that the donation qualifies as a Charitable Donation, where we can possibly make a claim to Revenue for extra (see below).

With this €100,000 we will be able to finish our current works, which consists of full second playing field, goals and netting, fencing, two smaller training areas, boundary wall, 1.2km walkway fully lit, and a treatment plant.  This works requires approx. €55,000 to finish.
At that stage we will be in a position to open our facilities for full use.

The balance of €45,000 will go towards extra facilities, that will involve either one or more of the following…floodlights / astroturf pitch / wall ball / astro-type finish on walkway. We would be hopeful that the balance of funds needed here would be sourced through a Sports Capital Grant.

The Wall:
The wall will be located in a prominent position, as part of our intended amenity area. This will form the heart of our club. You can see from our artist impression that it will consist of six individual walls, each with the commemoration names on the front and back.

Kinvara GAA - Proposed Donation Wall - REV.A 5

Your Commemoration:
Each donor will have a “commemoration” engraving on the wall, with their name/family name/townland on it. This commemoration will forever form part of the landscape of Kinvara, and will be seen and remembered for generations to come.
Kinvara GAA - Proposed Donation Wall - REV.A 4
Who we invite?
We invite you all to participate and be part of this. This is open to non-members as much as member families. It can also be used to remember deceased family members, while our Kinvara diaspora all over the world are most welcome to leave their footprint on our historical landscape.


What is a donation to a charitable Sporting Body.
Kinvara GAA is a registered charitable sporting body. As part of tax legislation, we can also apply for tax relief on your donation if you are a paye worker.  This would be done through the appropriate certificate form that can be submitted in due course.
For example, if a donor pays tax at 20%, then we can claim an extra €62.50 from Revenue.  If a donor’s marginal rate of tax is 40%, then we can claim an extra €167.00 from Revenue. This does not cost you the donor any more that the original €250 donated.
Note: this process does not apply to self-employed persons. They can however claim tax back themselves as a business expense.


Contact Details:
If you require further information or clarification in relation to this, or indeed in relation to our development as a whole, then please don’t hesitate to contact any of our club officers who will try to answer your queries: Garret Byrne 087-9513442, Mick O’Hara 087-2562774, Damien Mitchell 087-2846771, Derek Smith 087-2372698 or Paddy Barry 087-9185309.