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Note: The use of supplements is not recommended for any player under the age of 18.



The GAA recognises the demands of Gaelic games and indeed the training and nutrition challenges they present. The Association also recognises that there are many factors that contribute to optimal athletic performance such as genetics, training, commitment, motivation, rest and recovery, along with good nutrition and hydration practices. These factors are the cornerstone of performance therefore using a sport nutrition supplement will not substitute for a less than adequate nutrition and/or hydration strategy. Sports supplement companies use powerful marketing campaigns to imply that the use of sports supplements are essential for maximising performance; however much of the publicity is not based on sound scientific evidence.



  • Vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition products (e.g. Protein, Creatine, BCAAs), and natural food products are all classed as supplements.
  • Players may use them to maintain health, recover from exercise, enhance training adaptations, gain weight, burn fat and/or supplement their diet or for medical reasons.
  • Risks with supplements are categorised in terms of health and possible doping violations?
  • Batch tested products are not as risky; however, no guarantee can be given on the safety of a supplement.
  • Be aware that supplements which claim to be muscle building or fat burning are more likely to be associated with contamination.
  • The use of supplements is not recommend for any player under the age of 18.
  • Players should seek the opinion of a registered Sports Dietician/Nutritionist and their Team Doctor on any supplements.

The GAA’s Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Críonna Tobin, PhD, Performance Nutritionist, to the information sheet above.